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Our journey from the pioneering Flamingo to the celebrated Little Bird encapsulates a passion for authentic dim sum and local craft beer, earning us a Michelin Bib Gourmand recognition.

A story that spans decades and continents...

Founded on the dreams of Yuk Sing Lee and brought to life by Jonathan and Joseph Lee, Little Bird is a testament to perseverance, family, and innovation.

Our Story

The Foundation of a Family Legacy

At the heart of Little Bird Dim Sum + Craft Beer is a rich family history marked by ambition and unbreakable bonds.

Joseph Lee continued the vision of his father, Yuk Sing Lee, with the establishment of Flamingo Chinese Restaurant.

Under their leadership, Flamingo became a cornerstone of authentic Chinese cuisine and dim sum in Vancouver, reflecting their dedication to quality and innovation.

Evolving Alongside Tradition

Jonathan Lee took the family legacy to new heights with the creation of Little Bird Dim Sum + Craft Beer.

Drawing from the wisdom of his father and grandfather, Jonathan merged traditional Cantonese dim sum with Vancouver’s vibrant craft beer culture.

This blend of heritage and modernity showcases our commitment to excellence, resilience, and the continuous evolution of our culinary tradition.

A Collective Effort

Little Bird’s success is a testament to the collective effort of our family and staff.

From the aunts who shared their secrets to the cousins who welcomed guests and bussed dishes, our family’s spirit is woven into every aspect of Little Bird.

Our team embodies the same dedication and love for hospitality that has defined us for generations, creating a place that celebrates both food and community.

The Community it Created

We invite you to join us at Little Bird Dim Sum + Craft Beer and become part of our story.

Experience the culmination of generations of dreams, hard work, and dedication to food and conversation.

Come with friends and enjoy a unique dining experience that blends tradition with innovation.