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Seasoned chicken wings, crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside.
Chinese broccoli, fried onion, vegetarian mushroom sauce
Delicate dumplings filled with a savory mix of chives and shrimp.
Steamed dumplings filled with cilantro and shrimp.
Crispy rolls filled with tofu, shiitake mushrooms, and vegetables
spareribs, garlic
Classic Cantonese dessert with a creamy custard filling in a flaky pastry shell.
chives, shrimp
squid, garlic crumbs, chili pepper
Crunchy wontons filled with seasoned meat or vegetables.
Steamed dumplings filled with pork, mushrooms, and vegetables.
Steamed dumplings with a sweet corn and shrimp filling.
Sweet glutinous rice balls coated in sesame seeds with a matcha flavoured filling.
shrimp dumpling
Crispy on the bottom, juicy on the inside, filled with seasoned meat and vegetables.
Deep-fried puffs with a crispy exterior and a savory scallop and taro filling.
Light and fluffy steamed cake with a hint of sweetness.
Sticky rice with a mix of veggie meat, seasoned vegetables wrapped in lotus leaves.
Soft buns with a creamy custard filling.
Crispy toast topped with a savory shrimp paste.
Golden spring rolls stuffed with mixed vegetables or meat.
pork, cabbage
Steamed dumplings filled with a mix of veg, mushroom and black truffle.
teamed pork spareribs with black beans and spices.
pork , green onion, chicken stock
Steamed buns filled with seasoned vegetables.
Sweet glutinous rice balls coated in sesame seeds with a red bean paste filling.
Sweet and crispy rice puffs with a chewy center.
pork, cabbage
Sweet sticky rice wrapped in lotus leaves with a savoury meat filling.
Steamed pork dumplings with a hint of shrimp.
Fluffy buns filled with sweet and savory BBQ pork Shoulder.
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