Little Bird Dim Sum + Craft Beer, a cherished establishment in Vancouver's Kitsilano neighbourhood, has recently been honoured with its first Bib Gourmand by the esteemed MICHELIN Guide.

This accolade is a testament to the restaurant's dedication to offering exceptional food at a good value, and it's an opportunity to shine a spotlight on the incredible team that makes it all possible.Behind the scenes, a group of passionate chefs, kitchen staff, baclkl office and management staff, logistics staff (sometimes family driving vans to and from) and all of our team work tirelessly to deliver the authentic dim sum experience that Little Bird is known for.

The restaurant's success is built on the foundation of their hard work, creativity, and commitment to excellence.

Jonathan Lee, a longtime local restaurateur, is the visionary who brought the concept of pairing classic dim sum with local B.C. craft beer to life. His innovative approach has not only set Little Bird apart but has also contributed to the vibrant food culture of Vancouver. The restaurant's interior, featuring floors, tables, and walls created in part from recycled chopsticks, reflects its contemporary and eco-conscious ethos

The menu at Little Bird is a celebration of dim sum favorites, from the must-order sticky rice studded with savory pork, chicken, and sweet goji berries to a variety of dumplings that range from traditional ha gow to inventive combinations like sweet corn, cilantro, and shrimp. These dishes, supremely fresh and served steaming hot, embody the comfort and joy of dim sum dining

Complementing the food is a selection of local B.C. craft beers, carefully chosen to enhance the dining experience. Beer is a central feature at Little Bird, offering guests a chance to explore new flavors and pairings without breaking the bank

The recognition by the MICHELIN Guide is a moment of pride for everyone at Little Bird Dim Sum + Craft Beer. It acknowledges not just the flavors that grace the table but also the collective effort of the staff and back office team who bring the magic to life every day. This Bib Gourmand is a celebration of their dedication and a milestone that will be cherished by the entire Little Bird family.